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DISC profiling

DISC is a profiling tool, similar to others like Myers Briggs in many ways  but easier to use and understand, used to explain behaviour and for understanding why people do what they do.  The system has been widely used for over 30 years to build and restore relationships, recruit people, build teams, resolve conflicts and generally help people communicate more effectively.  


DISC shows what makes different people tick: what makes them motivated and the various behaviours that make people unique.  Armed with this knowledge people can see that small changes in behaviour can have a big influence on how they communicate with others and consequent outcomes.


By completing a profile questionnaire and analysing the results you can:


• Find out what kind of behaviour you display and how you come across to others

• Identify what drives and motivates you and other people (your 'inner  satnav')

• Look at how your style changes when under pressure (the fight or flight instinct)

• Understand the implications for communicating and working with other people

• Value the strengths of others and what they can bring to the organisation or task

•    Realise that people who may seem 'difficult' may actually be just 'different'



For more on DISC just use the contact us section to request a factsheet.  There is also a document with answers to frequently asked questions below which opens as a pdf.

DISCprofile_sml DISC Profiling Q&A